Baily Hancock


“Very bright student, but talks to classmates too much.”  
– Nearly every teacher I've ever had


I may be many things, but tall is not one of them. I hail from Florida, where I spent my youth being over-involved in extracurriculars and dreaming of being everything from a TV show host to a children’s book author to an astronaut.

Although I've mostly accepted the fact that being an astronaut is probably out of the picture (never say never), I have certainly treated my career like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories I devoured as a child. I've done everything from running seminars in Singapore at AACSB, to teaching 8-year-olds about profit and loss statements at Bizainy, to holding actors accountable for their professional goals at my own company, GSD Gal. I learned to do trapeze for a "Baily's Big Adventure" webisode, ran a promotional campaign for Warner Brothers that helped people eat and workout like Tarzan at OMD, and traveled the country collaborating with new friends and creating impactful partnerships at General Assembly. At some point during all of that I picked up an MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Management, and coined myself the “Startup Huntress” for my ability to sniff out the next up-and-coming companies in tech and beyond.

Of all of these experiences, it’s my most recent career endeavor that thrills me the most. After finding myself in a job that I immediately knew wasn’t the right fit, I birthed the concept for what would become, “The Career Experiment”, a series of workshops and online course aimed at helping people figure out their best next career move. I firmly believe that if more people were happy in their jobs, the world would be a much better place. I now travel the world preaching the gospel of attaining career satisfaction to anyone who needs it (hint - everyone), and I'm launching a podcast on the same topic this summer.  

Never one to just have a few things going on, I'm the Past President and 2017 Chairwoman of the Board for the Santa Monica Jaycees, an organization made up of tomorrow’s leaders and today’s young professionals, and a member of Ellevate, a women’s network striving to change the culture of business from the inside out.

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