Baily Hancock


Baily Hancock is a Collaboration Consultant/Founder of the Career Experiment, and a speaker/educator of both.

Shall I be cliché?

Yup. Since gratitude and recognition of the good stuff in your day-to-day is such a huge part of finding and maintaining a happy outlook on life, it's only right that I start this Thanksgiving newsletter off by saying what I'm thankful for. The obvious aside (friends, family, health, CharlieBuster & Fiona, etc.) what I'm most thankful for this year has been the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally through teaching my "Growing Your Business With Partnerships" class. I've always loved teaching, but it wasn't until early this year that I finally sat down and emptied my brain onto roughly 35 slides and developed a 90-minute class curriculum. HUGE shout out to CAMP for giving me a reason, and General Assembly for giving me that first venue. 

Teaching this class has allowed me to connect with some incredible new people, it's made me better at my job, and I've discovered that people are actually buying what I'm selling. Validation! I've now taught over 250 people between CAMPGeneral AssemblyOne Roof Co-working, the SoGal Startup BootcampLA Startup Week, and most recently at the Teen Startup Academy. One of my major goals for 2016 is to translate this class into book form, so if you have any advice or thoughts on how the hell I should go about that my ears are open! 

As always I'm thankful for collaboration and new relationships. The people around me continue to inspire me to work harder and be better, in my career and life outside of my 9-5. If you're reading this then chances are you're one of them, so my biggest thanks goes out to you. I'll do my best to dedicate a mimosa to each of you tomorrow, although I make no promises for what happens after mimosa #4. I hope each of you has a warm, happy, and relaxing Thanksgiving with people you care about and vice-versa.

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