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Baily Hancock is a Collaboration Consultant/Founder of the Career Experiment, and a speaker/educator of both.

CAMP: It ain't just for the kids

Well that was one hell of a week.

This time seven days ago, I was in the middle of participating in team-building activities on a scavenger hunt with 19 women I met about two hours earlier. I had just arrived to CAMP, exhausted from an early morning call time to the bus with minimal coffee and a two-hour drive from LA to Big Bear. I knew one or two people who were also going, but for the most part I was flying solo. If you've met me even for a minute, you know that I'm no wallflower. However, showing up to a creative conference for 250 adults set in a camp atmosphere made me feel a bit like an eight-year-old going to camp for the very first time (and, technically, this was my first overnight camp experience.)

Oh, I forgot to mention a very crucial plot point in this story: they confiscated all of our cellphones once we arrived to CAMP. That's right, no 4oz rectangular security blanket to reach for when conversation wanes, when you're feeling like surely there's some breaking news to be looped in on, or god forbid someone NEEDS you to answer their email ASAP. Did your chest just tighten a bit? Yeah, that's called anxiety, which is exactly what we were all feeling that morning. 

Fast-forward to Sunday morning as we all found our seats on the charter busses back to LA, sweaty and more exhausted than when we arrived, but more full of ideas, motivation, and inspiration than most of us have ever been before. The unplugging thing? I get it now. Totally. 

Here are some highlights from my time at CAMP:

  • Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 250 badasses without the temptation of checking my phone rather than making conversation. EYE CONTACT. Try it, it's life-changing.
  • Wearing an analog watch, and realizing how awful I am at telling time without the numbers doing it for me.
  • Quiet reflection in the woods jotting down random ideas that actually had a chance to pop into my head since the absence of technology made room.
  • DANCING. So much dancing. The Flash Dance is my new DJ hero. 
  • Speaking to over 75 attendees between my two workshop sessions about growing your business through partnerships (pro tip: collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!)
  • Meeting so many driven, creative, and smart people from LA to NY and everywhere in between (plus London, Sweden & Norway.) 
  • Discovering that I might just be on to something with this whole talent for collaboration that I seem to possess, which brings me to...

... Monday through today. Talk about a productive week. After CAMP, there wasn't much I could do to stop the creative juices from flowing (and why would I?!) This website was birthed, the "Baily Hancock, Collaboration Consultant" Facebook page emerged, I aligned my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and my new business cards are en route. Oh, and I had coffee plus one hell of a great conversation with one of my long-time business badass idols, Marie Forleo. My creative spirit is renewed, I wake up energized and excited about what that day might hold, and it's all translated into a great sense of purpose and enjoyment for my professional and personal life. 

My calendar is already filling up with coffee and cocktail dates to talk partnerships with my new CAMP pals, and I absolutely couldn't be happier or more enthusiastic about what's to come. Ya know when you feel like something really excellent is right around the corner? Yeah, that's the vibe I'm working with over here. With that I shall leave you with the official CAMP attitude check:

"Hey CAMPers, how do you feel?"
"We feel good, OH! we feel so good, UH!"

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