Baily Hancock


Baily Hancock is a Collaboration Consultant/Founder of the Career Experiment, and a speaker/educator of both.

"Network like your career depends on it"


Networking events can sometimes be the worst, even for the most extroverted among us. Who do you talk to first? Where do you stand? Do you have to have business cards? What if you don't have a straightforward answer to the dreaded question, "what do you do?"

Networking doesn't have to be a necessary evil, when done right it can actually be - gasp! - fun. Mastering how to network like a pro (without feeling like a slimeball) is one of the most important things you can do not only for your career but for your personal life as well. You'll leave you feeling ready to take on any room of people and start networking your way to a better life.


    • Find the best networking events for you
    • Start and make the most of a conversation with a stranger
    • Quickly and effectively explain who you are and what you're all about
    • Make people like you and remember who you are
    • Leave with solid new connections, not just business cards
    • Follow-up in a way that will lead to a real connection 

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