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Baily Hancock is a Collaboration Consultant/Founder of the Career Experiment, and a speaker/educator of both.

5 Tips: What to do When You Want to do it All

"What I finally came to realize was that choosing something to focus on doesn’t mean shutting out your other ideas forever, it just means you put the primary one on the front burner, and the others on the side or back burners. You’ve still got all of those pots on the stove, but you’re focusing the majority of your efforts on the meal you’re planning to eat first.”

{Interviewed by the Mar Vista Art Dept for their newsletter, 8/15/17}

Your Next Good Move: Hire a Collaboration Consultant

"Enter Baily Hancock, collaboration consultant and professional friend-maker. She finds the right brands for you to partner with, builds those relationships, and creates opportunities for cross promotion so that everybody wins. And while you might feel like you don't have much to offer as a newbie, Baily will gladly show you otherwise."

{Written about by Lydia Mack for Yes She Can's newsletter, 8/15/17}


Five Q's : Baily Hancock

"Commiseration feels really good when you work for yourself. High performing women often feel alone unless they build in situations to come together with other entrepreneurs. At the end of the day, that’s something really important for people to have in their lives, because it's crucial to remember that we’re all in this together."

{Interviewed by the Mar Vista Art Dept for their newsletter, 7/11/17}


Growing Your Business with Collaboration with Baily Hancock

"When you're running your own business, you've got to make every dollar count. Enter Baily Hancock. She's amazing with people – the kind of amazing that makes you feel like you've been sharing your Lunchables with her your whole life, even though you just met her in line at the gas station."

{Interviewed by Lydia Mack for Yes She Can's newsletter, 7/6/17}


You’re probably taking the best part of your office job for granted

"I've personally stayed at jobs far longer than I should have because I cared so deeply about my coworkers," Hancock says. "Forty hours a week is more than I see any one of my best friends, so if you're lucky enough to work with people you really care about, that's a wonderful situation."

{Interviewed by Catherine Baab-Muguira for, 6/5/17}


4 Ways the Back-to-School Mentality Can Help You at Work

“The key to defining a successful work routine is to make sure it fits your personal work style. Everyone is productive by doing various tasks at different times of the day, so it shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all approach," Hancock says. "Whatever your most productive hours are, be sure your team (and boss) are on the same page so they know what to expect from you when." 

{Interviewed by Maxie McCoy for, 9/6/16}

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Why Do People Quit Their Dream Job?

“Everyone has a unique set of wants and needs in their careers, so what might seem like an amazing job could be a terrible fit for you. It’s important to align your core motivators to a company culture, since it’s that combination of motivators that make one company right for one person but awful for another,” Hancock says.

{Interviewed by Maxie McCoy for, 8/12/16}


Don’t Quit Your Day Job: How to Fight Job Envy and Win

"The entrepreneur is definitely glamorized as a rock star these days,” says Baily. “But the media doesn’t talk about all of the start ups that fail. There are so many sources out there telling people to start their own business, but there aren’t enough people saying ‘Hey, it’s totally fine to not be your own boss."

{Interviewed by Margaret Boykin for, 5/27/16}


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