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Baily's article featured in the Huffington Post, 11/16/16

"For the first twenty-five years of my life, I was a goal-setting, box-checking freak. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s important to note. My first clear memory of this is at age 11 in the fifth grade, I wrote an essay and won a contest to be the Principal for the day. I did that not for the joy of false authority, to skip the lunch line, or to have the honor of..."


Interviewed for an article on, 9/6/16

"As summer melts into fall, students everywhere are getting back into the groove of the school year. The excitement of a new season of learning brings back fond memories of new supplies, new routines and reconnecting with friends after a summer of fun. Back-to-school is as much of a time period as it is a feeling – one of a fresh start..."

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Interviewed for an article on, 8/12/16

"There’s plenty of talk these days about finding the dream job. Job seekers routinely jump through hoops to get the job that any professional would covet – a position at the big hot company with all the perks and all of the pay. After all, it’s what you’re socialized to do. You compete for degrees at the best schools and then start it all over again by going after the best jobs..."


Interviewed for an article on, 5/27/16

"Recently, I became afflicted with what I’m going to call chronic job-envy. While I usually pride myself on having a group of cool, hard-working friends, everything changed when I found myself in a career rut. What used to be fun, pat-ourselves-on-the-back-drinks with girlfriends quickly became depressing charades spent sipping my gin and tonic through gritted teeth, listening to their success stories while calculating how fast I could get home to refresh my LinkedIn page and cry..."


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