Baily Hancock

Baily Hancock is a Career & Business Strategist


The workforce has changed dramatically.

If your management style worked 30 years ago - it’s now completely irrelevant.


Your company's old school hiring and management tactics are resulting in less engaged employees, slower revenue growth, and high employee turnover which strains company culture and decreases productivity.


The “Millennial Mindset” should drastically influence the way you do business on every level.

  • The generation of millennials populating your office thinks completely differently than their parents and grandparents.

  • You can’t bank on managing your employees as if they’re going to stick around for a lifetime, because they won’t.

  • You need to meet your employees where they are and manage them, 1 YEAR AT A TIME.


THE 1-YEAR CAREER is the management tool you need to maximize employee performance. This program will teach you to crack the “Millennial Mindset” and restructure your business to incentivize, motivate and reward individuals as opposed to treating your employees as a monolithic whole.

THE 1-YEAR CAREER will create a new paradigm for leaders and managers that will result in increased employee performance, a significant impact to your bottom line and will improve your office culture.

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Baily Hancock is a Career and Business Strategist who teaches people how to leverage their community to achieve their goals, whether that's making a career change or growing their business. She works with entrepreneurs to help them amplify their company's reach and influence with partnerships, and with professionals to help them find happiness and fulfillment in their careers. Now, she’s taking the knowledge she’s gained training individuals to the corporate level, helping companies adapt their business models to meet the needs of their employees.

Here’s how THE 1-YEAR CAREER program is delivered to your company:  

On-Site Professional Development:

  • During this full-day workshop, Baily will provide an analysis of your team and an overall management strategy.

  • Managers and employees will complete a standard assessment.

  • Post assessment, managers will meet to understand all employee types.

  • Custom professional development program will be provided to effectively support each employee.

8-Week Training Session:

  • Managers and employees will join Baily on weekly calls to discuss progress on the implementation of the professional development program.

  • Q&As will also provide an opportunity to evolve and fine tune your program.

Quarterly Assessments:

  • After the initial eight weeks, Baily will reconnect with managers every three months thru the first year.

  • Managers and employees will have a chance to ask questions, measure goals, and determine what program adjustments are needed.

THE 1-YEAR CAREER helps you decode the needs of your employees and delivers you the solutions to solve your retention, engagement and productivity problems. The key to achieving these goals is encouraging a collaborative, transparent culture and creating space for individual career experimentation.

 The Takeaway:

  • Identify what’s making your employees less engaged and more likely to quit

  • Learn strategies to cultivate happiness, loyalty and productivity in your office

  • Find out what motivates and inspires your employees

  • Understand how to create a culture that supports internal peer collaboration and career experimentation

  • Learn to launch a successful internal professional development program that remains effective over time

Employees want to feel valued, heard and respected. They want their work to feel purposeful, meaningful and exist in a culture that supports their values and ambitions.

When managers take an active role in the career growth of their employees, companies report higher levels of engagement and commitment overall.

Higher engagement increases your productivity, increases revenue and saves countless dollars from the recruitment and training of new hires you won’t need anymore.

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