Baily Hancock

career & business strategist

Baily Hancock is a Collaboration Consultant/Founder of the Career Experiment, and a speaker/educator of both.

"career collaboration:
retaining & engaging employees"


One third of new hires quit their job after about six months, creating an unnecessarily heavy burden on company recruiters and current employees. Too often companies lose their best employees after only a short period of time due to them feeling stifled in their role or under-developed professionally.

This can typically be avoided by better leveraging the various interests and strengths of employees, allowing them to work cross-departmentally, and instituting a professional development system that actually gets utilized. When managers take an active role in the career growth of their employees, the company gains their trust and will receive higher levels of engagement and commitment in the long run, in addition to saving countless dollars in the recruitment and training of new employees.

In this workshop designed for managers, you'll learn to build a culture of trust, curiosity, and willingness to allow your employees to experiment with their careers and collaborate with their peers within the walls of your company, motivating and inspiring Millennial employees in a way that feels good for them, all while increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

You'll Learn:

  • What makes employees less engaged and more likely to quit
  • Strategies to increase your employees' happiness, loyalty, and productivity
  • Key ways to motivate and inspire Millennial employees
  • How to create a culture that supports career experimentation and peer collaboration
  • The best way to launch a successful internal professional development program and maintain its effectiveness over time

Workshop presentation

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