WTF is a Collaboration Consultant?

"Oh, you're a Collaboration Consultant... cool! But, um, what does that actually mean?"

I teach entrepreneurs how to amplify their message and gain credibility through collaboration to grow their business.

Whether it's growing their email list and social following, gaining exposure to potential customers through guest posting, co-producing an event with a well-aligned community, or anything in between, I help create strategies and provide frameworks that allow entrepreneurs to kick ass in their business by harnessing the power of collaboration.


why collaborate?

"Collaboration is no longer just a strategy: it is the key to long-term business success and competitiveness. Businesses that realize this sooner rather than later will be the ones who win the game and succeed in the new global economy."
- Fast Company

By crafting mutually-beneficial, authentic, and impactful partnerships with well-aligned brands who share a common target customer, you'll be able to:

  • Gain credibility through collaboration by aligning your brand with organizations who have established trust with their community

  • Amplify your message and grow your social following by leveraging your partner’s promotional channels

  • Increase revenue by reaching new, well-aligned audiences

Running a business is hard, often lonely work, and paying for promotion for your product, event, or service can only get you so far in this noisy world. Hiring a PR team to help get the word out can run you anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 a month in retainer fees with no guaranteed ROI, which can feel like lighting a big pile of cash you don’t have on fire and watching it burn. Why operate in a vacuum and spend tons of money when you could collaborate with well-aligned partners to help one another gain exposure and achieve your goals together?

By harnessing the power of partnerships, you can more easily reach your future fans in a way that feels authentic, impactful, and - gasp! - even fun.

why leverage partnerships to grow your business?


why hire baily?

past clients + partners include: