Baily Hancock


Baily Hancock is a Collaboration Consultant/Founder of the Career Experiment, and a speaker/educator of both.

"Oh, you're a Collaboration Consultant... cool! But, um, what does that actually mean?"

I work with companies large and small, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs to help them embrace a collaborative mindset to achieve their goals. Whether it's increasing the size and engagement of their community, exposing new users to their product, enabling cross-departmental communication and problem-solving, or anything in between, I help create strategies and frameworks that allow them to thrive by harnessing the power of collaboration. I also lead workshops and speak at conferences nationwide as a collaboration evangelist. 

Head here for a list of upcoming workshops, bootcamps, and speaking engagements. If you're interested in seeing if Collaboration Consulting is right for you or your company, reach out today!

Collaboration Resource Center

Free downloadable templates and checklists to help make the partnership process easier 


The Entrepreneur - $1,250

  • 8 Hours of 1-on-1 Consulting
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Templates + Tools + Best Practices
  • Access to Baily via Email Between Sessions

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The Retainer - $3,500/month

  • Quarterly Collaboration Strategy
  • Templates + Tools + Best Practices
  • 5 - 10 Partnership Outreach Calls (per month)
  • 2 - 5 Partnership Activations (per month)
  • On-going Access to Baily via Email

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The One-Off - $1,750

  • 3 - 5 Partnership Outreach Calls
  • Partner Identification + Outreach
  • Collaboration Ideation + Execution 
  • 12 Hours of Consulting

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The Strategize + Train - $5,000

  • Collaboration Strategy
  • Templates + Tools + Best Practices
  • Partnership Database + Playbook
  • 5-Hour Team Training
  • Access to Baily for 30 Days Post-Training 

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why collaborate?

"Collaboration is no longer just a strategy: it is the key to long-term business success and competitiveness. Businesses that realize this sooner rather than later will be the ones who win the game
and succeed in the new global economy."
- Fast Company

By crafting mutually-beneficial, authentic, and impactful partnerships with likeminded companies who share a common target customer, you'll be able to:

  • Increase revenue by reaching new, well-aligned audiences 
  • Align your brand with organizations who have established trust with their community
  • Maximize the impact of your marketing dollars by leveraging partner promotional channels
  • Incorporate long-term, scalable, and sustainable user acquisition tactics to your overall marketing strategy

former + current clients include:

why hire baily?


"Baily is kind, savvy, and impressively knowledgeable across many different areas. What sets her aside from most everyone else in the industry though is how easy she is to trust and to communicate with. I trust Baily because she is capable, and I trust Baily because she is honest. She strikes a unique balance between professionalism and approachability that is essential when building partnerships. I can say with certainty that she lives on my short list of people to call whenever there's an opportunity or idea to surface that needs to find a place to land."
- Will, Brand Partnerships, Reddit 


"From her unparalleled organizational skills to her expansive list of contacts, Baily is one of the most on-top-of-it people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Baily is extremely motivated and creative - two qualities necessary to excel in any partnerships role. She's stellar at coming up with the big ideas needed to make an impact in the market, and always manages to get in touch with the right people to make them happen. On top of all that, Baily is bright, well-spoken, and a total joy to be around. I feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her."
- Elena, Manager of International Innovations, MEC

"Baily is a hustler in the best sense of the word. She makes things happen and does it with her characteristic high energy and enthusiasm. Where others don't see opportunity, Baily does. Interested in expanding your core audience? Creating an audience from scratch? Developing the engagement from your existing audience? Baily's got you covered and more. She's a talented partnerships leader that can marry two organizations in a way that yields real results for both parties. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Baily again in a second."
- John, Regional Director, General Assembly LA 

"Baily has an endless flow of ideas on how to partner complementary companies and individuals, and embodies the maxim that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. One of the most proactive and energetic colleagues I've had the pleasure of working with, Baily is a creative thinker, marketer and business development specialist with her finger ever on the pulse of emerging companies and talent!"
- Sarah, Campus Manager, Cross Campus

Will Cady - Headshot.png

"I worked with Baily on a partnership program with Warner Bros. Her abilities to build relationships and to coordinate a team’s efforts until the successful completion of this project are some examples of her leadership qualities that were highly appreciated throughout our collaboration. She is very responsive and always willing to help in any way that she can, I definitely look forward to working with Baily again in the future."
- PJ, Partnerships, Tough Mudder Inc.


"Able to juggle multiple (if not dozens) of projects at a time while maintaining a keen eye for data tracking, Baily is a partnerships force to be reckoned with. Her greatest strength is her creative mind for collaboration. Baily continuously forged high value partnerships that not only benefited our global brand, but managed to support the campus business on a local level as well. On top of all of this, she's fun and inspiring to work with!" 
- Natalie, Strategic Partnership Consultant


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