"Baily is hands down the best investment I have made in my business."

“Baily is hands down the best investment I have made in my business. I worked with Baily over a 4-week engagement. As a Collaboration Consultant, over this period of time, Baily was able to help me fine tune my target market, clarify my message and my offerings, identify specific people and organizations who would be ideal to collaborate with, and draft messages to do outreach for specific types of connections and collaborations. Not only that, she supplied me with tools and techniques to keep all this organized so I can be productive and effective with my time and efforts moving forward. 

And effective it has been! Within 3 weeks of working with Baily, I generated 2 new clients, was invited to be a guest blogger and a podcast guest; and by simply reaching out and asking, was introduced to 3 more potential clients. Outside of all the content and quantifiable measures mentioned above, Baily is also a dream to work with. She is direct yet approachable, open and completely on your side. I am now not only equipped with the tools I need for success, but also the confidence!”

- Van, Worksmart