if you’ve got a problem, yo I’ll solve it

Okay maybe not every problem, but I do have a few different ways in which we can work together. Whether it’s through 1:1 consulting, group programs, online courses, or speaking gigs, I teach people to collaborate with their community to achieve their goals.

A self-described, "Type-A with a dash of woo", I provide entrepreneurs with the practical tools they need to succeed in business, and empower them with the motivation they need to feel inspired doing it.


partnerships as pr

PR is expensive, measuring results is tricky, and it’s no longer as effective as it once was. Why pay outrageous monthly fees to an agency when you can get your own PR by leveraging partnerships? Learn how to gain promotion through collaborating with well-aligned communities.

Pick my Brain

Have a specific question or need help with a particular project, but aren’t interested in or ready to commit to a full 10-week program? Word. My brain is all yours for 90-minutes.

expertise for exposure

It's time to come out from behind your brand and share your knowledge and experience with the world. Your story is worth sharing, and your message, when shared authentically, will attract more future fans for your business than any promoted post ever could.

The Career Experiment Online Course

Figure out your best next career move by aligning your strengths to a role, your passions to an industry, and your core motivators to a company culture.


Whether it's empowering a room full of conference attendees, teaching an intimate group, or moderating a panel of experts, I love nothing more than connecting with others and sharing my knowledge in a way that's engaging, fun, and easy to understand.

The 1-Year Career Online Course

Make big moves with small steps by figuring out the things you need to learn, do, and the people with whom you should connect to help make your next career move.

The Collaboration Coalition

The Collaboration Coalition is a - wait for it - collaborative coalition of entrepreneurial women who know that “collaboration over competition” is more than just a cute hashtag, it’s the best way to survive and thrive as entrepreneurs in this noisy, chaotic world. This is a place for you to connect, offer support, and collaborate with each other, and receive resources, advice, and (hopefully) useful information from me.