The one-off


Companies, Small Businesses, or Entrepreneurs who:

  • Are launching a new product, service, or event
  • Want to experiment with a partnership without committing to a full collaboration strategy

what does it include?

  • 3 - 5 Partnership Outreach Calls
  • Partner Identification + Outreach + Communication
  • Collaboration Ideation + Execution + Evaluation 
  • ~12 Hours of Collaboration Strategy + Research + Calls + Management + Execution

What's the plan?

Part 1 (~3 Hours)

  • Project Deep Dive + KPI Assessment
  • Partner Identification + Goal Alignment

Part 2 (~9 Hours)

  • Partner Outreach + Management
  • Collaboration Ideation + Execution + Evaluation 


  • $5,000 (paid in full prior to 1st session)

why collaboration?

Running a business is hard, often lonely work, and paying for promotion for your product, event, or service can only get you so far in this noisy world. Why operate in a vacuum when you could collaborate with well-aligned partners to help one another gain exposure and hit your goals together? Getting new humans to know about your company and the wonderful things you create or the amazing services you offer can be exhausting. By harnessing the power of collaboration, you can more easily reach your future fans in a way that feels authentic, impactful, and - gasp! - fun.

Why baily?

I am a collaboration connoisseur; a partnerships addict. When I see a great company doing exciting things, I can’t help but think of all the other companies they could work with to amplify their message. I believe that all companies have the potential to be better by sharing resources to accomplish a common goal.

I also have a natural affinity for structure, efficiency, and standard operating procedures, which was only deepened when I received my MBA with specializations in Entrepreneurship and Management. Couple that with my ability to adapt, innovate, and find creative solutions on the fly and you’ve got a woman who can make a plan and pull it off, no matter what hiccups come along the way.

In my time at General Assembly, I grew the Los Angeles email list from less than 20K to over 80K subscribers in a little over a year, primarily through well-aligned partnerships. Growing an email list is not thrilling, but bringing together like-minded communities both online and off for mutually-beneficial, highly-engaging, co-produced experiences and campaigns is.

My work with the Innovations Team at OMD challenged me to identify strategic partners for a variety of clients across many industries in a fast-paced, tight turnaround environment. With upwards of three ideation sessions per week, I established an expanded, adaptable partnerships process, and developed an eye for innovative collaborations that accomplished lofty goals on modest budgets with seemingly impossible timelines.

Finding the right partner, ideating together to develop the right activation, and working in tandem to pull it off is what it’s all about for me. I don’t partner with companies, I partner with people.


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