2: Iva Pawling, CEO & Co-Founder of Richer Poorer

Iva Pawling, Co-Founder/CEO/Chief Fire Putter-Outter of Richer Poorer joins Baily to talk about:

  • How she and her Co-Founder, Tim Morse have maintained a successful partnership for nearly a decade (lots of communication and complementary skillsets)

  • The big lessons learned from doing tons of product collaborations over the years (be clear about what you need for the partnership to be successful and make sure you know what your partner’s goals are too)

  • Why they don’t buy into influencer marketing and instead focus on human collaboration (like the time they took five entrepreneurs to Hawaii for a “Workcation”)

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1: Welcome to the Collaboration Party with Baily Hancock, Your Host

Welcome to the first episode of "Stop, Collaborate and Listen with Baily Hancock", a podcast that shows you how to collaborate IRL. Throughout this season, you'll hear from co-founders, solopreneurs, creatives, executives, community leaders, CEOs, podcasters, publishers, and everyone in between about how they leverage collaboration to grow their business, amplify their message, and engage with their communities. On this episode, you'll meet the host of the show, Collaboration Consultant and professional friend-maker Baily Hancock, and learn what you can expect from this season.

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