11: Kaelin Burns, Director of Product, Rights Management

On this Episode:

Kaelin Burns, Director of Product, Rights Management at ZEFR joins Baily to talk about:

  • Getting buy-in from her whole team (or “Product Squad” as she calls them) to join forces and create solutions to problems

  • Working across multiple departments by leveraging collaboration

  • How she manages various projects and people without coming across as bossy


Show Notes:

Kaelin Burns.png

About Kaelin:

Kaelin Burns graduated from USC with a degree in American Literature and started her career in editing and publishing (specifically restaurant and bar guide books.) As that industry was changing and declining, Kaelin transitioned into digital in an operations and editorial role at BlackboardEats. Since it was a startup, she was fortunate enough to get to do a lot of things there, and after five years, she realized her passion was the product. It was then that Kaelin made a huge career pivot, quit her job, and moved to San Francisco to go to Dev Bootcamp to learn how to code. She knew she wanted to be a product manager, but also wanted to get a more technical background and give herself an edge in the application and interview process.

Five years later, Kaelin can confidently say it was one of the best decisions (and experiences) of her life. She moved from a junior individual contributor Product Management role working on features and incremental value-adds, to a Director role where she now manages other product managers and oversees the strategy and vision for the product.