2: Iva Pawling, CEO & Co-Founder of Richer Poorer

On this Episode:

Iva Pawling, Co-Founder/CEO/Chief Fire Putter-Outter of Richer Poorer joins Baily to talk about:

  • How she and her Co-Founder, Tim Morse have maintained a successful partnership for nearly a decade (lots of communication and complementary skillsets)

  • The big lessons learned from doing tons of product collaborations over the years (be clear about what you need for the partnership to be successful and make sure you know what your partner’s goals are too)

  • Why they don’t buy into influencer marketing and instead focus on human collaboration (like the time they took five entrepreneurs to Hawaii for a “Workcation”)


Show Notes:

Iva Pawling

About Iva:

Iva Pawling is the Co-Founder/CEO/Chief Fire Putter-Outter of Richer Poorer, a men's and women's elevated basics brand founded in 2010. The independently-owned brand is sold in over nine hundred retailers across the globe, and maintains operations out of their California based office in San Juan Capistrano.

Iva's career began in the PR closet of Kate Spade in New York City, back in 2003. It was there she learned about the inner workings of the fashion world where she knew her interest would keep her. From there, Iva continued down the PR path to the furthest location possible in the US, Hawaii. There, she was an Account Executive at Bennet Group Public Relations, focusing on clients in the fashion and lifestyle space.

A move to California propelled her back into the brand side, joining her sister's namesake jewelry brand, Gorjana. She was the VP of Business Development there, and after four years of cutting her teeth at the start-up, she took the leap to start Richer Poorer.

Iva resides in Laguna Beach, California with her husband, Andrew, and their son, Ford and baby daughter, Joanie.

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