22: Jessica Ruhfus, Founder & CEO of Collabosaurus

On this Episode:

Jessica Ruhfus, Founder & CEO of Collabosaurus joins Baily to talk about:

  • Discovering that they had the same exact podcast name and how they turned it from a potentially competitive situation into a collaborative one

  • Why she created her brand collaboration platform, Collabosaurus, and how companies small and large can leverage it

  • The biggest mistakes she sees brands make when collaborating


Show Notes:

Jessica Ruhfus.png

About Jessica:

Jess Ruhfus is the Founder of Collabosaurus, a marketing platform that match-makes brands for clever collaborations & partnerships. With a background in fashion publicity and marketing education, Jess was frustrated sourcing cool brand partnerships in events, products & social media. So, she launched Collabosaurus in 2015, which has now attracted over 6000+ brands including Porsche, ASOS, Olay, Topshop & one of the largest global retailers in the U.S. Jess has spoken for Apple, Vogue, General Assembly, ADMA & The College of Event Management, splitting her time between Sydney, New York & Los Angeles as Collabosaurus continues to grow.