25: Sydney Gilbert, Founder & CEO of Sydney Gilbert Creative

On this Episode:

Sydney Gilbert, Founder & CEO (and Intern and Head of Finance…) of Sydney Gilbert Creative joins Baily to talk about:

  • The key elements that should be included in a fantastic brand partner pitch deck

  • How to nail the initial outreach email to a potential partner and make a killer first impression

  • Why she doesn’t have a business Instagram account and how she gets clients without one (hint - it involves leveraging her network)


Show Notes:

Sydney Gilbert.png

About Sydney:

Sydney Gilbert Creative came into fruition after 10+ years of working in the corporate world. From designing windows at Free People to spearheading brand and marketing for brands like TOMS and Beyond Yoga, Sydney realized that building an infrastructure and brand strategy is needed at any point in a brands life cycle. Her desire to transform (smaller) brands, bring ideas that are attainable, and evolve visions to execution was something that Sydney thinks every brand, product, and individual needs and aspires for.