27: Rob Balasabas, Social Media & Community Manager at Thinkific

On this Episode:

Rob Balasabas, Social Media & Community Manager at Thinkific joins Baily to talk about:

  • Reaching out to potential collaborators through an Instagram DM + email combo approach

  • Using your content channels (like a podcast) as a way to connect with people you admire and want to build relationships with

  • How Thinkific leverages tech and influencer partnerships to provide value to their users and grow their business


Show Notes:

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About Rob:

Rob Balasabas is the Social Media & Community Manager at Thinkific. He manages the daily curation of Thinkific’s message on social media. You’ll also find him engaging with their private online community of over 14,000 (and growing) online course creators inside the “Thinkific Studio” Facebook Group.

Rob joined Thinkific 2016 as a Customer Champion where he worked closely with customers to get their Thinkific sites off the ground, then making the leap into the Marketing Team in 2018. You’ll find Rob talking about Online Courses, Content Creation & Marketing Strategies, and Social Media Ninja Moves on webinars, livestreams and podcasts.

He also has a thriving community of Collabers inside the "Collaboration Nation” Facebook Group where content creators, experts, and other awesome people are connecting to team up on collaborations!

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