3: Marty McDonald, CEO of Boss Women Media

On this Episode:

Marty McDonald, CEO of Boss Women Media joins Baily to talk about:

  • How she leveraged her network to launch the first Boss Women Brunch

  • Why women of all ethnicities and backgrounds need to collaborate and amplify one another’s voices

  • How she convinced the CEO of Sugarfina to sponsor the “Black Girl Magic” Tour across the U.S. by approaching her at a conference


Show Notes:

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About Marty:

Marty McDonald is the founder of Boss Women Media. Marty created BWM in 2016 as a personal need to connect with women who desired more. She wanted to be around women who desired more from there 9-5 jobs. After great success from the first brunch in May 2016, she knew there was a need for women to collaborate together. Marty established the foundation of BWM as a brand from each brunch and soon knew this was not just a social organization but an opportunity to help women cultivate the life they desired.

In 2018, Marty left her corporate job of 8 years to pursue Boss Women Media full-time and make it a world wide known brand. Boss is her purpose in life to shown women, rather they are a corporate gal, side hustler or entrepreneur you have a voice and you can create the career of your dreams.

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