9: Erin Lenhardt & Sally Rogers, Co-Founders of Parsnip

On this Episode:

Erin Lenhardt & Sally Rogers, Co-Founders of Parsnip join Baily to talk about:

  • Why they decided to combine forces and launch Parsnip, a digital platform that enables “brand dating” as Co-Founders after meeting at a networking event

  • How to identify whether a brand will make a great partner before you reach out

  • The best way to present yourself as a potential partner to a brand you want to collaborate with


Show Notes:

Parsnip.me Erin Lenhardt Sally Rogers

About Erin & Sally:

Erin Lenhardt and Sally Rogers are the co-founders of Parsnip, a startup that connects brands with partnership opportunities. Parsnip members use the tool to find values-aligned partners for giveaways, newsletter exchanges, guest blog posts, in-store demos, gift baskets, or product placement at events.