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What we're for


From November 19th - December 23rd, I’m joining other businesses from all over to declare #whatwerefor and give back to advance social justice. We’re passionate about human rights and proud to take action.

As my contribution, I’ll donate the following amounts for each action taken by my community:


Once the campaign ends, donations will be evenly distributed to the five chosen nonprofit organizations (Jobs With Justice, Southern Poverty Law Center, RAINN, The Young Center, and ACLU) via the platform dailyKARMA. For more information on dailyKARMA - how funds are processed, security, privacy, fees, etc. please visit app.dailykarma.com/faqs.


This is a passion project created and managed by Defining: good. Driven by the desire to finish off the year not wrapped in frustration, but focused instead on what can be done to advance social justice and how we can use business as a force for good.

We’re coming together for five weeks to collectively declare what we’re for and support those who face and fight systemic social injustice. We know our voices, platforms, and businesses have power and we want to close out 2018 using the power of business for good.


We’re entrepreneurs and business owners who challenge the idea that we’re “in it” only for ourselves.

We believe in justice and equality, which means lately we’ve been frustrated, disappointed, even outraged - but we’re also hopeful, resilient and incredibly strong.

Learn more or join the cause at Defining: good.