New Conversation for Change Podcast - Collaboration as a Business Strategy with Baily Hancock

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About this Episode:

As I reflect on 20+ years as a professional, my greatest fulfillment and result has come  through and with other people. Working together is where the diamonds are. You CAN do it, but not alone. Banish the solo in solopreneur.

And, to quote Michael Port, “There are certain people you are meant to work with, and others……NOT SO MUCH. We want to work with people that energize and inspire us, so we do our best work.”

The above is not new “information” to me. But honestly, I haven’t put this wonderful truth front and center as a business strategy. Up till now! Thank you, Baily Hancock!

The word strategy is often overcomplicated. The simplest definition I’ve seen takes form of a question, what are you counting on to win? Define a win, create a path for more winning. Ask for support, follow through. Not easy at times but super simple formula.

I am counting on you, and others that show up in a “certain way” to co create a brighter future. 

I am counting on Baily Hancock to hold me accountable, teaching, guiding, hugging and kicking my butt at times.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from my conversation with Baily Hancock. She is a gem and we are honored to have her in the ocean Where Diamonds Meet!