Speaking Your Brand Podcast - Collaborating to Expand Your Reach with Baily Hancock

Speaking Your Brand Podcast - Collaborating to Expand Your Reach with Baily Hancock

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How can you expand your network and reach new people?

Collaborating with others who share a similar mission, vibe, and audience can be one of the best ways to do that.

But, how do you actually collaborate in a pre-planned way? What does that look like (webinars, FB Live, workshops, podcasts, etc.)? What does each person gain and, just as importantly, what does each person’s audience gain?

My guest today is Baily Hancock, a Collaboration Consultant who teaches people how to collaborate with their community to achieve their goals.

In this episode, Baily and I talk about:

  • Tips for attending networking events, even if you’re an introvert

  • Specific strategies and examples you can use to identify partners and reach out to them

  • How to improve the likelihood that a potential partner will say “yes”

  • Ideas for doing promotional partnerships that benefit both of you AND both of your communities

  • The pros and cons (mostly cons) of being an affiliate for others

  • The 20 speaking gigs Baily has done this year – why she does them and what she gets out of them

You’ll love Baily’s obvious passion and energy for collaboration and you’ll learn exactly what to do to get started.

Your homework is to identify someone in your network you can collaborate with and reach out to them to get the conversation started.

I met Baily through a mutual friend, Mia Scharphie, who introduced us (the power of collaboration!). Mia was on the podcast in episode 46 (We All Need a Wingwoman), which is an excellent companion episode to this one.