33: "Connection, Commiseration, & Collaboration" with Carrie Murray, Founder of BRA Network

Being an entrepreneur is hard, lonely, and intimidating as hell, which is why having a strong community to connect, commiserate, and collaborate with is crucial. Enter BRA Network (aka, Business Relationship Alliance). BRA's fabulous Founder, Carrie Murray, found herself frustrated, overwhelmed, and looking for answers after launching her first business. She turned to her network of fellow entrepreneurial female friends and discovered that she was very much not alone in these feelings. Listen to hear how Carrie created a pun-heavy, hot pink, super supportive community of women who lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Carrie Murray

About Carrie:

Carrie Murray ignites the fire to help developing female entrepreneurs cultivate their passion projects into a profitable businesses. BRA Network is a virtual and physical space designed for women to come together and advocate for each other, converse, hire and advance their side hustle into a full blown flourishing business. So Carrie calls herself a LEADER, CONNECTOR and STRATEGIST.

What began as a circle of entrepreneurs seeking community, support and business growth, Carrie quickly realized female entrepreneurs had nowhere to turn but each other for answers when it came to frustrations and celebrations within their business. So what started out as casual dinner parties at her house, morphed into fruitful networking sessions as more and more women outside her immediate circle wanted in. At first, they would come together monthly, and then weekly to discuss all things business. It was through sharing their own personal experiences and providing advice, education and support to one another that they found a like-minded community of women who shared the same vision. From those dinners, BRA - Business Relationship Alliance - was born.

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