10: "It's Okay to Love What You Do And Get Paid" with Jamilah Lang, Founder of Chic Work Chick

After spending the first phase of her career doing all of the "right things", but still not finding the professional fulfillment and happiness she craved, Jamilah Lang finally listened to the creative voice in the back of her mind and made a career 180 from Communications Strategy to Fashion. In this episode, we'll learn how Jamilah took calculated risks, leaned on her network for the support and connections she needed, has allowed every bump in the road to enable her to make better decisions going forward, and founded Chic Work Chick

Jamilah Lang

About Jamilah:

Jamilah Lang is creating chic, modern workwear for the girl on the rise.

Website: chicworkchick.com
Instagram: @chicworkchick