44: "Hustle Your Way In & Figure The Rest Out Later" with Jessica Hooper, Project Manager

If you’ve even halfway paid attention during the last 43 episodes of this podcast, you know that I love connecting people and collaborating. That’s why I couldn’t wait to have Jessica Hooper, fellow dot-connector and collaborator extraordinaire on the show. Jessica is not only a total get-shit-done hustler, she’s constantly pushing herself to try new things and learn on the fly. On this episode, Jessica shares her strategy for remaining excited and challenged in her career, and leaves us feeling motivated to get outside of our comfort zone and figure it out as we go.

Jessica Hooper

About Jessica:

Jessica Hooper is a dot-connector and problem solver specializing in leveraging networks and connections for DEC Artists. Her works spans all facets of the company, from national and global activations working with organizations like Wounded Warrior Project, Bezos Family Foundation and CASA, to managing production of socially impactful content with civil rights icon Dolores Huerta. She is currently a producer on three original programs she is helping to launch in 2019 for DEC’s newest venture, Werk! TV.

Jessica lives in North Hollywood with her husband and amazing four-year-old daughter. Hobbies include working out and convincing everyone she comes in contact with to crush their goals.

Website: www.stuffjesslikes.com
Instagram: @stuffjesslikes 
Twitter: @stuffjesslikes
LinkedIn: @jessicaahooper