24: "A Jersey Girl (Reluctantly) Goes to Hollywood" with Julie Knapp, Casting Associate

A Northern New Jersey native with a personality as big as her bright red hair, Julie Knapp grew up surrounded and enamored by the arts. After graduating from Syracuse University with a double major in Television, Radio & Film and Psychology, she spent the first phase of her career attempting to find her place in Hollywood, taking unpaid internships and low-paying gigs in Production and Reality TV show casting. 

Four years of speed bumps, career detours, and a 3,000-mile cross-country move later, Julie took the leap from the world of Reality TV to pursue her passion for casting scripted TV, landing a role as a Casting Assistant on TBS’s “Cougar Town.” Throughout the last five years, she's worked on over a dozen shows and is now the Associate Casting Director on ABC’s “Designated Survivor.” 

On this episode, hear how Julie never let her childhood dream of working in the Entertainment Industry out of her sights, even if it meant taking part-time jobs and sleeping on couches along the way.  

Julie Knapp

About Julie:

Julie Knapp is a Casting Associate for scripted television shows, most recently for ABC's "Designated Survivor" and NBC's "Good Girls". Throughout her career, Julie has helped cast actors on over a dozen shows, but it was as a Casting Assistant on "Cougar Town" where she got her start. Prior to making the 3,000-mile trek from New Jersey to Los Angeles, Julie graduated with honors and received a dual BA in Television, Radio & Film and Psychology from Syracuse University. 

Raised by an Attorney and an Art Teacher, academics were just as important as following your dreams in the Knapp household. In addition to taking theater and TV production classes in school, she attended a local theater camp as a child and saw countless Broadway shows with her family. As an adult, Julie still loves going to as much live theater as she can, and also frequents comedy clubs trying to see who the best up and coming comics are. She goes back to New Jersey and New York City as often as possible to see her family which now includes a 2-year-old nephew.

Twitter: @jknappcasting
Instagram: @jknappcasting