37: "#MeToo: It's More than Just a Movement" with LeAnne Fuller, Culture Consultant

As we approach the 1-year anniversary of the nationwide explosion of #MeToo, it's becoming apparent that this is definitely more than just a movement. LeAnne Fuller has been a quiet crusader for sexual assault victim's rights since her very first job out of high school where she won a lawsuit against her employer for sexual harassment. She now has her own company called WEEEHelp - "Workplace Ethics, Etiquette, and Education" where she brings her many decades of experience facing all types of unethical, uncomfortable workplace situations (including a stint as a Vegas stripper at the age of 40) as a company culture consultant. Listen in to hear how this resilient woman has faced setback after setback throughout her career and come out stronger every time.

LeAnne Fuller

About LeAnne:

After many years as a stay at home mom, LeAnne Fuller struck out in the world to find her passion and fell in love with Pole Dancing Fitness. She started a small studio and created a space for women to explore yoga, pilates, and pole until the economy and an unexpected divorce knocked her down. At the age of 40, LeAnne went through a variety of jobs, from personal assistant to leasing agent, and even stripper in Vegas just trying to keep food on the table.

After a soul-searching trip to Big Sur, LeAnne was inspired to make some big changes in her life, which led to her applying to grad school and finding a job that would allow her to work while she took classes. That job was at The Perfect Workout, and within two years she had been promoted to Regional Manager opening the Texas Region. Since that time LeAnne has successfully opened Texas and managed the Los Angeles and Bay area teams. In 2018 she took her next leap of faith by launching her own company culture consulting company called WEEEHelp which stands for "Workplace Ethics, Etiquette, and Education".

Website: weeehelp.com  
LinkedIn: @Leanne-Fuller