13: "Transfer Your Skills From One Industry to the Next" with Michelle Ranavat, Founder of Ranavat Botanics

How did a woman with a Master's Degree in Engineering go from working on Wall Street to launching her own Ayurvedic Beauty line? You'll hear exactly how on today's episode with Michelle Ranavat, CEO & Founder of Ranavat Botanics, a luxury skincare line inspired by ancient Indian traditions. Michelle shares how the impending financial collapse of 2008 caused her to unexpectedly switch career paths, and how that "disaster" led to her having some of the happiest years of her career. 

Michelle Ranavat

About Michelle:

Michelle Ranavat was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin and grew up in a suburb of Chicago, IL. She studied Industrial Engineering for her Bachelor's degree and went on to get a Master's degree in Engineering Management. Michelle began her career working on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers after graduation, but with the financial collapse in 2008 she landed in the family business, a pharmaceutical raw materials company leading the sales efforts. It was at that job that Michelle learned so much about ingredients and what quality means, so when mixing up her own beauty treatments passed down from her family years later she realized there was a huge gap in the quality standards for these products. This led to her launching Ranavat Botanics, a luxury skincare line inspired by ancient Indian traditions in August of 2017.

Website: RanavatBotanics.com
Instagram: @RanavatBotanics