Baily Hancock

career & business strategist

Baily Hancock is a Career & Business Strategist

Workshops / Speaking topics

These are the typical workshops I teach and the topics I speak on, however I'm happy to adjust any of the content to fit your audience and what you're looking for. To inquire about my availability and rates, contact me here.

For the Managers

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Discover how to increase employee retention and engagement by creating a culture of trust, curiosity, and willingness to allow your employees to experiment with their careers and collaborate with their peers within the walls of your company.

For the Entrepreneur / Multi-Passionate

Leverage the power of collaboration to grow your business and strengthen your community. Discover how to find the right partners, devise mutually-beneficial collaborations, evaluate success, and keep your partnerships alive.

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Suffering from career indecision? Do you still want to be so many things "when you grow up" that you don't even know where to begin? Get clear, get strategic, and hone in on what makes sense for you to pursue first.

For the Career Changer

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Networking doesn't have to suck, learn how to make it a fun practice in your life to help you achieve more than just collecting a stack of business cards. 

Figure out your best next career move by aligning your strengths, interests, and motivators to a role, industry, and company culture right for you. Life's too short to hate your job, start treating your career like the adventure it is.

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