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The 1-Year Career: Make Big Moves with Small Steps
Online Course

the next 10-week cohort begins on june 25, 2018

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Not that long ago, professional achievement came from following the playbook passed on from generation to generation, putting your head down, logging the hours, and pledging your loyalty to one company
for your entire 40+ year career.

That plan of attack no longer works.

Today success comes from consistently sharpening your skills, building and nurturing your community, taking ownership of your professional development, and being ready to adapt and react
to whatever comes your way.

The 1-Year Career is a whole new way of thinking about work and your place in it. Throughout this course you will create a professional development path that’s loaded with
intention, enthusiasm, and support from those around you. After all, you deserve it.

You’re in the right place if...

  • You are ready and willing to take ownership of your career and feel excited and fulfilled with your work

  • You feel the desire to switch career paths but are afraid of “starting over”
  • You’re in a career slump and don’t know where to go from here

  • You want to do a lot of things but don’t know what to do first

  • You don't feel ready to make a career move even though you're no longer happy with your job

  • You don’t hate your job, but you feel like you’re not growing anymore and are starting to get complacent

  • You’re unmotivated, under-appreciated, or unfulfilled at your current job

  • You’re ready to set new goals and challenge yourself to achieve more in your career


You don’t have to “figure out” your whole career in order to start moving, in fact you couldn’t if you tried. There are too many variables in life to be able to predict what will make you happy and financially secure for 40+ years. Instead, you must align yourself with what you want to happen next in your career, and identify the small, strategic steps necessary to accomplish that.

The 1-Year Career encourages you to evaluate your professional happiness more frequently than the generations before you had to, and enables you to set short-term goals and create a path to accomplishing them, time and time again. It provides you with the tools necessary to get the people around you on board as well, since professional development and career advancement are team sports.

When you think about your career in one-year increments, it allows you to focus on only the next couple of steps ahead of you. You're far less likely to feel overwhelmed when you consider not what you’re going to do with your entire life, but instead, what you’re going to do in the next 365 days. 

With the 1-YEAR CAREER online course, you will:

  • Take the Employee Archetype Quiz to understand what you need to get out of a job in order to be fulfilled

  • Be the CEO of You, Inc., taking stock of what’s in your professional bag of tricks

  • Define what success means to you, not your parents or society as a whole

  • Build your keep or toss list, getting specific about which elements of your career you want to get more of or never see again

  • Reverse engineer your ideal career, getting clear about who you want to be when you “grow up” and work backwards from there

  • Identify what your next big career move should be and break it down into actionable, manageable steps

  • Create your "Learn, Connect, Do” List, understanding what you need to LEARN, with whom you need to CONNECT, and what you need to DO in order to make your next move

  • Set up your 1-Year Career Roadmap which will guide you toward making big moves, year after year

  • Form your own accountability group that can help keep you on-track, week after week

  • Know what to say to get your manager on board with your professional ambitions, allowing them to support you along the way

  • Learn how to make adjustments to your 1-Year Career plan without derailing it throughout the year

the 1-year career Course outline

Introduction & Welcome

V1: Introduction

V2: Who is This Course for and What Will I Learn?

Module 1: Our New Work Reality

V3: The Evolved Workplace

V4: You, Inc

V5: The 1-Year Career Philosophy

Module 2: Where Do You Want to Go?

V6: Defining Success On Your Own Terms

V7: Reverse Engineer Your Career

V8: Your Next Move

Module 3: Where Are You Now?

V9: Employee Archetypes

V10: Your Professional Bag of Tricks

V11: Your Keep or Toss List

Module 4: What Do You Need to Do to Get There?

V12: Your Learn, Connect, Do List

V13: Big Move → Small Steps

V14: Break it Down Now

V15: Your 1-Year Career Roadmap

Module 5: Make Big Moves with Small Steps

V16: Setting Up Success Metrics

V17: Checking In: With Yourself

V18: Checking In: With Others

V19: Get Your Manager On Board

V20: Adjusting Along the Way

Module 6: Wrapping Up & Re-evaluating

V21: Nearing the End

V22: What’s Next?

V23: Final Thoughts

the creator of the 1-year career

baily hancock_2_monicalindaphotography-37.jpg

I'm Baily Hancock, a Career Happiness Strategist who teaches people how to collaborate with their community to achieve their goals of professional fulfillment. 

I'm also a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur and Career Experimenter who's had 15 paid and 5 unpaid jobs in the past 12 years in industries ranging from education, to startups and tech, to advertising.

Although my career path has been anything but a perfectly straight line, the common thread has been my ability to check in with myself and evaluate my professional happiness regularly and make adjustments along the way. This has allowed me to continue to love what I do, year after year, and adapt to my ever-changing professional desires.

Now, I'm taking the lessons I've learned from my unconventional career trajectory to teach you how to make big career moves with small steps, one year at a time. You deserve to be happy in your career - I am, and I want to show you how to be too.

What you do does not define who you are;
what you do defines why you are.

You need to start to figure out why you are. You must identify how you want to spend your days right now, not 30 years in the future. You need to decide how you want to make money today, not at some point later in your career. More importantly, you need to make this process a sustainable one.

One day today will be 20 years ago - what will you wish you had started right now?

If you are in the process of building your career, looking for a change, or are ready to accelerate your professional growth, the 1-Year Career will help you maximize your life and excel on all fronts.

the next 10-week cohort begins on june 25, 2018

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