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The Career Experiment Bootcamp: Figure Out Your Best Next Move

  • General Assembly SF 225 Bush Street, 5th Floor (East Entrance) San Francisco, CA 94104 United States (map)

$65 | Register Here

About This Bootcamp

We've all been told that if we follow our passions, we'll never work a day in our life. Unfortunately, that's only one piece of the equation, so many people spend years of their life chasing after something that can never be obtained while feeling like a failure along the way. Even worse, some people remain in jobs they hate far longer than they should because they just don't know how to make their next move. Career indecision is real, and it's something that too many people suffer through, allowing "paralysis by analysis" to keep them from making any decision at all.

Luckily, you don't need to know every move of your career to start - just your best next move. In this course, you’ll look to your past, present, and future to identify your typical patterns of behavior, see what actually makes you happy and unhappy at work, and key in on what you’re missing (if anything) to land your dream job. You'll learn how to align your strengths, interests, and motivators to various roles, industries, and company cultures perfect for you. We'll put it all together and create your very own Career Compass, which will act as your guide to figuring out what move to make next in your career.

Life is too short to hate your job - start treating your career like the adventure it is.


  • Assess your current work situation to build your Career Non-Negotiables list
  • Create your Career Timeline to discover what really makes you happy or unhappy at work, identify your patterns of behavior, and break bad career habits
  • Look to your future to hone in on how far off you are from having your dream job
  • Align your natural born strengths, underlying talents, and acquired skills to a role that you were born to do
  • Dive into your passions and interests and let them guide you to an industry and company you're excited about
  • Discover what truly motivates you, and understand how to use that knowledge to identify a work culture that makes sense for you
  • Leave with your Career Compass in hand to help guide you to your best next career move


  • Bring a laptop, as you'll need it for a few of the activities

  • Create/update your LinkedIn profile

  • Come with your most recent resume (and copies of your old ones if you have them handy) - or - a list of every job you've held since college

  • Take the Myers-Briggs Assessment at

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