16: "How to Land a Job Slightly Out of Your League" with Erin Williams, American Wine Specialist

Most people won't stay in the same type of role for their entire career, but knowing what to switch to and figuring out how to do it can quickly leave us with paralysis by analysis. Erin Williams began her career chasing the Hollywood dream of acting, but after falling out of love with the industry and getting sick of going on audition after audition, she discovered a more appealing career path in the wine industry.

Although switching from acting to wine seems like a less-than-obvious leap, Erin found ways to learn as much as she could about this new topic, gain valuable experience taking whatever roles necessary, and ultimately landed an amazing job slightly out of her league by showcasing her charisma, drive, and ability to meet people on their level. 

Erin Williams

About Erin:

Erin Williams was born and raised in the village of Memphis, NE population 115. She spent the first three years of her education in a two-room schoolhouse and realizes that that makes her sound way older than she is.  

After college at Drake University, Erin found herself in the sunny city of Los Angeles, where she pursued acting initially and then found herself drawn to the siren call of the wine industry. She's now been selling wine for ten years working as a distributor and winery sales manager for J. Lohr Winery and completed her Wine and Spirit Education Trust Diploma of Wine in 2014.  

Erin currently resides in Denver, Colorado where she reps a full book ranging from six dollar South American wine to thousand dollar bottles of Burgundy.  She recently got her first dog and feels like it is as good as everyone said it would be.

Website: rndc-usa.com