17: "Breaking into TV: The Extended Cut" with Henning Fog, Future Emmy-Winning Writer

Ever thought about selling your belongings, moving cross-country, and breaking into Hollywood as a television show writer? That was Henning's plan. Fast-forward five years and no less than 15 "survival jobs", and he's thisclose to making it happen. 

Listen in as I chat with my friend, fake brother, and fellow recovering Type-A, Henning Fog about how he learned to set aside his preconceived notions of how one succeeds in their career and ultimately got the call that would begin chapter two of his professional story... while making a latte. 

Henning Fog

About Henning:

Henning moved to Los Angeles in 2010 in pursuit of a TV writing career and five years in decided that actually working in TV might do him some good. So he traded in his tutoring cap/barista apron/bookseller gloves and finally said yes to something he’d been avoiding forever: the assistant track. A few lucky breaks, and today he’s one of the writers’ assistants on a (seemingly solid) network TV sitcom, right on the precipice of becoming a staff writer. He thinks. 

Henning's Blog: liftingfogblog.com