31: "It's Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams" with Jan McCarthy, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

As children most of us were asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" putting it in our heads that we have to choose one job and stick with it for all of adulthood. Jan McCarthy never bought into that idea. She's lived her life choosing one career path after another (and often more than one at a time) based on her insatiable curiosity and her desire to have a great time doing it. If you identify as a Multi-Passionate, you'll appreciate how Jan has identified and gone after new professional opportunities for herself time and time again, including becoming a paid artist after the age of 50. 

Jan McCarthy

About Jan:

Jan McCarthy is an Artist, Creative Developer, Podcast Host, Author, and Small Business Coach. 

In art and business, Jan believes in blending the left and right brain to achieve the most comprehensive expression, and everything she creates from paintings, sketches, books, brushes, towers, workshops or events are inspired by real-life visuals.

She's constantly deciphering and incorporating the abstract part of life in her work with the intent to evoke emotion, bring together community, unleash the imagination, stir thoughtful reflection and give way to images of something meaningful, often hidden in between the layers of mixed media, life, and other materials.

Art and business go hand in hand so when Jan puts on workshops, classes, retreats, and events she often pairs the two together because she loves helping entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and other creatives explore their hidden talents and curiosity through meaningful and fun interactive artistic sessions.

Jan was born into an entrepreneurial creative family and grew up to marry an entrepreneur. They had two daughters who are now grown and are also entrepreneurs. This influences Jan's art as does her obsession with traveling and adventure, creating community, hanging out with family and friends in thoughtful and interesting conversation over great food and drink in a fabulous location. She's lucky to embrace a dual lifestyle, splitting her time between an urban loft in downtown Los Angeles and her ranch in Boulder, CO and those diverse and abstract lifestyles filter their way into her art.

Website: janmccarthy.com
Instagram: @janmccarthy