30: "From Blogging to PR to Podcasts" with Rachael King, Founder of Pod People

We're all familiar with the "quit college and start a company with a ton of funding in your early 20s" entrepreneur story (thanks, Zuckerberg.) What we don't often hear is the more strategic, less sexy version that involves working for a ton of companies and trying out multiple roles throughout your 20s, collecting information and experience on someone else's dime and THEN going out on your own. Rachael King did exactly that for the first nine years of her career before launching two companies in two years. Find out how this former MTV Twitter Jockey contestant has made a career out of embracing her many professional curiosities.

Rachael King

About Rachael:

Rachael King is the Founder of Pod People, a hub for the world’s best independent producers and studios. Pod People knows each of their skillsets personally so that they can thoughtfully connect you to the perfect team based on your vision. She's also a dog mom to a shelter mutt named Butters, loves whiskey that burns a little on the way down, and can be found @rachaelgking on anything social.

Website: podpeople.com
Instagrams: @podppl & @rachaelgking