52: "Being Brave & Getting Paid" with Kathlyn Hart, Financial Empowerment Coach

Money is power, but it’s also a massive source of anxiety, fear, and stress for most people. For Kathlyn Hart, money (or lack thereof) was the thing that kept her from being able to have the experiences she wanted, from attending her dream college to traveling with friends in her early twenties. For many years, Kathlyn (like so many of us) felt that having a job where you could make a difference in the world meant earning little to no money and that if you wanted financial security, it mean taking a soul-sucking job that you hate. On this episode, hear how she learned to flip that perspective and create a role for herself that allows her to support ambitious women to dream big, live bold, and earn more. 

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About Kathlyn:

Kathlyn Hart is a salary negotiation coach and a motivational speaker who supports ambitious women to dream big, live bold and earn more. Through her salary negotiation bootcamp “Be Brave Get Paid,” which has helped women increase their income by an average of $15,000, she teaches underpaid ambitious women how to confidently own their worth and ask for more.

Kathlyn is also the host of The Kathlyn Hart Show, where she interviews entrepreneurial women about their journey from dreaming to doing.  The podcast was featured on iTunes “New and Noteworthy,” and was named “Top 5 Women Podcasts You Must Listen” by Huffington Post.

Kathlyn’s teachings on career, courage, and business have been featured in publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, Bustle, The Muse, Learnvest, Hello Giggles, and Popsugar. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her fiance and puppy Bernie.

Website: www.kathlynhart.com & www.bebravegetpaid.com
Instagram: @iamkathlynhart
Download Kathlyn’s free scripts to practice with by texting “EARNMORE” to 44222