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52: "Being Brave & Getting Paid" with Kathlyn Hart, Financial Empowerment Coach

Money is power, but it’s also a massive source of anxiety, fear, and stress for most people. For Kathlyn Hart, money (or lack thereof) was the thing that kept her from being able to have the experiences she wanted, from attending her dream college to traveling with friends in her early twenties. For many years, Kathlyn (like so many of us) felt that having a job where you could make a difference in the world meant earning little to no money and that if you wanted financial security, it mean taking a soul-sucking job that you hate. On this episode, hear how she learned to flip that perspective and create a role for herself that allows her to support ambitious women to dream big, live bold, and earn more. 

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51: "Falling Into Your Perfect Role" with Samara Bay, Dialect and Communication Coach

One of the top answers I get when I ask people what they wanted to be when they grew up is “Actor”, and Samara Bay was no different. Growing up, Samara figured she’d end up doing Shakespeare in the park or performing on Broadway, but her career path took a different route. Sure, she now spends a lot of time in movie trailers, but not as the performer. Hear how Samara transitioned her passion for performing into a niche career training actors how to speak as a dialect and communication coach for some of the biggest names in entertainment.

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49: "A Multi-Passionate Barnes & Noble University Graduate" with Anthony Corrado, Chief Technology Officer

I’ve had a lot of different roles and career paths since graduating college, but Anthony Corrado blows my resume length out of the water. His adventures in employment have led him to a wide variety of positions, including comedy club host, home audio sales specialist, and regional manager for a boutique gold and diamond buying company. Self-taught with a degree from what he calls, “Barnes & Noble University,” Anthony champions the belief you can thrive on the road less traveled. Despite having not written his first line of computer code until the age of 32, he parlayed his eclectic past experiences into a rapidly-accelerating career where he now acts as the Chief Technology Officer at SpectAR, an augmented, mixed, and virtual reality software company. For anyone who feels like they keep hitting dead ends with jobs and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, this episode is for you.

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