02: "Be Your Own Hype Person" with Toni Purry, Confidence Expert

In this episode, I talk to Confidence Expert and author of My Hype Book, Toni Purry. We talk about Toni's major confidence loss that came after she realized she was ready to close the door on her PR career of 20 years and how that lack of confidence ultimately lead to her next career path of being an author.

Toni also gives us some fantastic advice on how you can use the "fake it 'till you make it" strategy to be confident when you're anything but, and encourages us to keep track of our wins so it's easier to make it through a loss.

Toni Purry

About Toni:

Toni Purry is an award-winning entrepreneur, visibility strategist, and new author. With over 20 years of public relations experience, she is known for garnering high-level exposure and building big brand consumer confidence.  Her work has landed her clients on The Today Show, The Food Network, USA Today, LA Times, and O Magazine, to name a few.

After 10 years of runner her own agency, the PR veteran is pivoting slightly and applying her expertise to helping individuals find, build and use their inner confidence for making bold professional and entrepreneurial moves.

Toni currently speaks nationally and facilitates confidence-building workshops for companies, private groups, and business networks. She has been lauded for her proven confidence-building process of retrospection, inspiration, and celebration, which can be found her in her new book entitled, My Hype Book.

Website: myhypebook.com
Instagram: @ToniPurry@MyHypeBook