01: "Welcome to the Party"

It's official - "The Baily Hancock Show" is in the wild! Today's episode is a quick introduction from your host (that's me, hey, I'm Baily) and a rundown of what you can expect from future podcast episodes. 

You can reach out with any questions, topic suggestions, or guest recommendations here: 
Instagram: @BailyHancock


About Baily:

Baily Hancock is a Multi-Passionate professional development junkie who goes by the titles Career Happiness Strategist and Collaboration Consultant. She spent her youth being over-involved in extracurricular activities and dreaming of being everything from a TV show host to a children’s book author to an astronaut. Although Baily's moved through her career like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories she devoured as a child, the common thread across her various roles has been her passion for helping people find fulfillment in their careers. 

Happiest when busy, Baily's spent the last few years creating educational content and programs, leading workshops, helping companies grow their communities with partnerships, and speaking at events across the country on the topics of career happiness and collaboration. In January 2018 she launched "The Baily Hancock Show", a podcast that helps people learn how to navigate their careers in a way that doesn't suck. Her latest professional adventure has been developing an online course called, "The 1-Year Career: Make Big Moves with Small Steps", a follow-up to her first online course, "The Career Experiment" which she launched in early 2017. 

When she's not busy doing all of the above, Baily enjoys actual walks in the park, listening to way too many podcasts, and sitting on her porch with her two fat cats, Buster and Fiona, and her normal sized husband, Charlie.