The Career Experiment is an online course aimed at helping people figure out their best next career move by aligning their strengths, interests, and motivators to a role, industry, and company culture right for them. I firmly believe that if more people were happy in their jobs, the world would be a much better place. I travel the world preaching the gospel of attaining career satisfaction to anyone who needs it (hint - everyone.)

Testimonials for The Career Experiment

Lexi - Headshot.png

"This course was 100% worth the time and money I spent to take it. I was nervous going into it, but Baily knocked it out of the park. The combination of cathartic therapy and effective plan-mapping was great. Everything she spoke about felt relevant and completely resonated. Her templates and worksheet questions encouraged me to think of my own situation with an outsider's perspective, I was able to get out of my own head and look at myself and my career in a new way with her tools. I found this course illuminating, and highly constructive. I left feeling positive about what the future can hold for me." - Lexi

"I thoroughly enjoyed The Career Experiment course. Baily's insights and ideas were raw examples of the challenges that people young and old face in today's ever-changing workplace. The recommendations from this course spurred new thoughts, and opened up new ideas on how to tackle the next phases of my career. I highly recommended Baily's work and applying these concepts to your own life!" - Christy

"Baily touched several key points in a very quiet and smooth way, making me reflect without feeling frustrated about my career journey. I really liked her personal tone and the way she merged theory, examples, and exercises in order to maintain the level of energy and reflection of the course." - Matina

"Baily's approach with The Career Experiment is terrifically unique. I really appreciated her sense of humor, candor, and down to earth tone. Coaching seminars can be so dry, or just seem like they are beamed in from outer space. Baily comes across as a realist imbued with passion and drive." - Devon 

Devon Chivvis - Headshot.png

"I took the Career Experiment course on a whim and with little expectations. Within about 5 minutes I knew I discovered someone amazing. I spent the rest of the time completely engaged and nodding my head to pretty much anything Baily was saying. She's got street smarts in the career world and brings so much positivity, motivation and truth to your career and your personal happiness. Don't waste another moment if you are considering a career transition, sign up right now!" - Shannon