Expertise for Exposure

It's time to come out from behind your brand and share your knowledge and experience with the world. Your story is worth sharing, and your message, when shared authentically, will attract more future fans for your business than any promoted post ever could.

Growing a business can be super hard, especially if you're a team of one like me and so many of my clients. If you're doing your damnedest to grow your email list, Instagram following, and community but finding it to be easier said than done, I FEEL YOU.

When I left my day job back in October of 2016, I had no idea how I was going to get the word out about what I had to offer (hell, I was still figuring out exactly what it was that I had to offer!) I felt incredibly overwhelmed with the idea of having to learn how to do Facebook promoted posts or master SEO to up my Google rankings or any other digital marketing tactic for that matter.

So I did what I know how to do best - I tapped into my network/community and began finding ways to get myself in front of well-aligned communities of people who could become my clients and future fans. I thought long and hard about what topics I could talk about based on my knowledge, experience, and interests, and made sure everyone around me knew that I was willing and available to speak, teach, guest post, be a podcast guest or panelist for their communities in exchange for exposure for my business. (Click here to get the outreach email template that I use to reach out to potential partners!)

After spending the last year working one-on-one with over 15 amazing female solopreneur clients helping them craft a collaboration strategy to grow their businesses, I realized that the most effective way they could accomplish that with the least amount of money was to share their expertise in exchange for exposure, exactly as I had done to grow my business.

IN 2018 I did:

15 Podcast Interviews
7 Guest Blog Posts
7 Speaking Gigs
6 Panels
3 Fireside Chats
3 Workshops
2 Webinars
2 YouTube Shows
1 Facebook Live

why come out from behind your brand?

The simple fact is, people buy from people, not companies. They fall in love with brands when they feel connected to the woman behind the brand. When you can tell your story and share your knowledge in a way that provides valuable content while also gaining exposure and credibility for your business, you'll grow your following and attract customers who not only want to buy what you're selling, but who are also invested in your success as an entrepreneur. 

It's time to stop hiding behind your brand and show the world who you are. Your story is worth sharing, and your message, when shared authentically, will attract more future fans than any promoted post ever could. I've used this strategy for myself for years, now I'm excited to start helping the talented, brilliant, successful women all around me find their voice and discover the perfect channels to share it with.

WHO is THIS program FOR?

Women Who:

  • Basically are their product. Consultants, Coaches, Strategists, or anyone who’s responsible for finding new clients or growing their community and are looking for a new way to do that

  • Are looking to grow their influence and establish themselves as a thought leader in their industry

  • Want to start speaking, appearing on podcasts and panels, or contributing to blogs or content platforms as a way to gain exposure for their business

  • Are ready to come out from behind their brand and share their knowledge and experience

  • Want to amplify their message and grow their business, but in a way that doesn’t feel gross or contrived

  • Get excited about the idea of having a template or tool for every scenario

  • Just need a plan, and someone to point them in the right direction but then let them take the wheel

  • Are open to support, guidance, and a little bit of tough love, all in the name of personal and professional evolution

  • Are down with a little universe/manifestation talk mixed in with strategy/best practices

  • Are ready to put in the work, show up for themselves and their business, and make big moves in their business

  • Want to collaborate with brands and individuals not just for their own gain, but to support and amplify the partner’s message too

what will i learn?

  • Start with Your Story

  • Identify Your Expertise

  • Curate Your Narrative

  • Craft Your Persona

  • Create Your Content

  • Figure out Your Asks + Gives

  • Find Your Perfect Partners

  • Pitch Yourself

  • Do the Damn Thing

  • On to the Next