40: "Success + Satisfaction = Happy Career" with Ben Brooks, Executive Business Coach & Founder of PILOT

Ben Brooks, Executive Business Coach and Founder of PILOT joins Baily to talk about his ballsy career moves, how to adapt to the people around you to get ahead, and how his company empowers employees to take control of their professional success.

Ben Brooks

About Ben:

Ben Brooks' career has been a fantastic adventure. Some of his work includes: getting grey-haired insurance brokers excited to use social media, helping design spy planes for the US Army, changing tires on rental cars while wearing a suit, helping to get Don't Ask, Don't Tell repealed, buying servers on his corporate card to get a project moving, teaching junior high students how to apologize to their parents, designing cufflinks to represent an org’s values, following around aircraft mechanics in Switzerland, defusing screamers in a call center, slicing software development processes with Kaizen, teaching executives to tell stories while in an old English castle, and even producing animation. 

Ben's now the Founder and CEO of PILOT, an innovative career improvement company revolutionizing the way manager and HR help grow and engage their top talent. PILOT combines an easy-to-use technology platform with focused, real-world advice that empowers employees to take control of their professional success

Website: pilot.coach & benbrooksny.com
LinkedIn: benbrooksny
Instagram: @benbrooksny