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45: "Assess Yourself & Immerse Your Self" with Rachel Mae Furman, Leisure Expert

For self-proclaimed Leisure Expert, Vibe Specialist, and Home Enthusiast Rachel Mae Furman, waiting for permission or getting a degree have never been pre-requisites for going after a job she wanted. Other than making up badass titles for herself, Rachel has spent her career boldly following her intuition and creativity from one industry to the next, all while remaining true to herself and her core personal brand.

On this episode, Rachel talks about the importance of incorporating leisure and small daily habits into your life, how to make the worst parts of your job fun (even expense reports), and how being the most YOU you can be in everything you do will lead to a happy life.

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43: "How to Transition into Tech" with Anya Iverova, CEO of Careeer!

No doubt you’ve heard that the best jobs to go for in order to future-proof your career are in tech. But what if you don’t want to be a web developer? And how do you transition into a tech role if you’ve spent your career going down another professional path? After spending 8 years in the education industry in roles spanning admissions, business development, and product management, Anya Iverova founded to help people do just that - transition their career into the tech industry. On this episode, Anya shares how getting into tech is achievable for anyone, and how you can start making moves in that direction today.

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41: "What The Stars Say You Should Do with Your Career" with Janet Sciales, Astrologer

Astrologer Janet Sciales (better known to radio listeners as the StarGoddess) joins Baily to give an easy-to-understand rundown of astrology, including how you can look to your astrological chart to determine what kind of career path will suit you best. Listen in if you’re astro-curious and ready to learn what the stars have in store for you but have no clue where to begin!

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38: "Type-A with a Dash of Woo" with Baily Hancock

In this solo episode, Baily talks about how she's learned to marry her Type-A natural tendencies with her ever-increasing "woo" personality in both her business and personal life. From scheduling time for mindfulness and manifestation each morning, to aligning her quarterly goals with moon cycles and astrological events, Baily shares how she's able to intertwine these seemingly-conflicting influences and find balance somewhere in the middle. 

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36: "You're Not Lost" with Maxie McCoy, Author & Speaker

If you've ever thought or spoken the sentence, "I just feel so lost..." as it relates to your career, then turn the volume RIGHT ON UP, because this episode is meant for you. After traveling the country talking to thousands of women and hearing that phrase uttered repeatedly, Maxie McCoy, writer, speaker, and author of the book "You're Not Lost" realized that not only do so many young women not know where to begin to find direction in their lives, they're dealing with a massive self-confidence deficit.

In this conversation, Maxie and I dig into what makes for a purpose-filled career, from finding your people and supporting those around you with no future expectations, to letting go of the obsessive need to find your passion in order to feel less "lost" (spoiler alert: it starts with building a sense of self-belief, the rest will follow.) If you find yourself nodding along and wanting more after this episode, Maxie and I are taking this conversation IRL on August 28th in Santa Monica - grab your free ticket today!

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34: "Collaborate Your Way to a Career You Love" with Anique Coffee, Founder of The Collective Europe

Anyone who's achieved some level of success in their career will tell you - nobody succeeds without the help of others. Anique Coffee has spent her career following her curiosity and leveraging her connections to get amazing opportunity after amazing opportunity, from working for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to launching her own marketing agency, to going IPO with a Silicon Valley startup, and most recently moving to Europe and creating The Collective, a unique mix of a festival, conference, and retreat. On this episode, learn how Anique has collaborated with her community to fall in love with her career, time and time again.

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29: "Using Your Strengths to Land a New Gig" with Scott Asai, Certified Strengths Coach

How many people have been asked in a job interview what their greatest weakness was? (Raises hand.) Most of us have been told our entire lives to work on improving our weaknesses, when in reality, doubling down on your strengths is a far better strategy to excelling in your career. On this episode, Certified Strengths Coach Scott Asai talks about how you can discover what your strengths are and leverage them to find and land a new job.

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28: "Underwear, HR, & Keeping Employees Happy" with Ellen Sweeney, Head of People Operations at MeUndies

Until very recently, HR professionals weren't exactly seen as the cool kids in the office. The only time you interacted with them was when you were in trouble, getting someone else in trouble, or being let go. Fast-forward to today, and you now have people with titles like, "Chief Happiness Officer" at many companies.

On this episode, Ellen Sweeney, Head of People at MeUndies, enlightens us on how she went from hospitality to HR, what the heck a Head of People does, and shares some of her secrets on how you can snag a job in an incredible company.

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26: How to Survive & Thrive as the Ultimate Multi-Passionate with Adriana Kertzer

By now you've probably heard of the term, "Multi-Passionate", AKA someone who has many professional and personal interests. Adriana Kertzer is a Multi-Passionate x's a bazillion. In my longest podcast interview of the season, I get Adriana to talk me through how a little girl from Brazil managed to find ways to "braid" all of her many passions and interests together (including but not limited to corporate law, digital strategy, real estate, design, cannabis, project management, and Favelization) time and time again throughout her career. 

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25: "Owning Your Story: A Love Note to Job-Hoppers" with Carolyn Birsky, Career Coach

The average job tenure for workers aged 25-34 is three years, which means in our 40+ years of working we'll have a lot of different career paths to explain on a resume and in a cover letter. Rather than looking like a job-hopping flake who can't make up your mind, it's up to you to figure out how to tell your career story in a way that makes sense to a future employer.

In this episode, I chat with Life and Career Coach, Carolyn Birsky who found herself in the same position early on in her career. After finally finding her calling in coaching, Carolyn now helps other women navigate their 20s and make that important decade feel less confusing.

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22: "Creating a Career & Lifestyle with Purpose" with Kate Gremillion, Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co.

If you were to ask most people whether having a career filled with purpose and meaning was important to them, the majority would say, "absolutely." In reality, finding purpose in your career can feel like a pipe dream that sounds great, but is way harder to achieve than we'd all like it to be. 

Kate Gremillion, Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co. has spent her career helping people get the resources and mindset they need to pursue work that works for them. In this episode, Kate talks about how she's searched for and finally found purpose throughout her own career, and how ultimately the job that's provided her with the most meaning has been the one that's allowed her to help others find it in their careers.

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20: "Leveraging the 5-Year Itch" with Lara Dalch, Health & Lifestyle Coach

We've all heard of the 7-year itch in relationships, but many people experience something similar in their careers. Whether it's a 2, 5, or 7-year itch, knowing how to work with it instead of fear it is the key to having a career filled with fulfillment and purpose.

Lara Dalch has done exactly that throughout her career, going from teaching preschool to running promotions marketing for Comedy Central and the Cartoon Network to becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor to launching her own Health & Lifestyle Coaching business. Learning to use her professional boredom to discover the next exciting opportunity has kept Lara's career interesting and full of the variety so many of us crave. On this episode, hear Lara's tips for how to leverage your own professional itch into your next move in a way that doesn't make you come across as a job-hopping flake. 

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19: "How to Write a Resume that Doesn't Suck" with Michele Lando, Professional Resume Writer

In the age of LinkedIn, do you still even need a resume? Do you actually have to keep it to one page? Does anyone care if you have proficiency in Microsoft Office? Worry not - Michele Lando, Certified Professional Resume Writer and Founder of Write Styles has the answers to all our burning resume questions. From knowing how to position yourself best for a role in a new industry to writing a resume that stands out above the hundreds of others it'll most likely be sandwiched between, this episode is full of can't-miss tips from the resume queen herself. {Listen on iTunes}

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15: "Unclench Your Butt, & Other Improv Advice" with Jen Oleniczak Brown, Improv Educator

Ever felt awkward at a networking event or in a job interview? Turns out, the solution may have been to just unclench your butt! In this episode, improv expert and Founder of The Engaging Educator, Jen Oleniczak Brown gave us this nugget of wisdom as well as many others like saying, "yes and..." to get out of a sticky situation at work. Warning: If laughter annoys you, you may want to skip this episode.

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11: "How to Get a Job in the 'Biz" with Cassandra Thompson, Career Coach

Ever dream of breaking into the entertainment industry, but don't have a clue where to start? Cassandra Thompson has some news for you: it can be done, but it won't be easy. Cassandra gave us great insight into the importance of never turning down a new connection, enlisting those in your network to help you get an intro, and writing and responding to emails in a way that'll leave a lasting impression (and maybe even get you a response.)

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08: "Manifesting Your Dream Job(s)" with Hilary Hartling, Brand Strategist

As children, most people don't really know what they want to be when they grow up, but that wasn't the case for Hilary Hartling, Brand Strategist and former Film Marketing Executive at Disney. Hilary straight up manifested her dream career, then did it again 15 years later when she felt ready to switch gears and work for herself. Listen in as Hilary tells us how a little girl from Hawaii dreamed big and made it happen.

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06: "Knowing When to Jump" with Mike Lewis, Founder of When to Jump

For most people, there comes a time in their career where they find themselves wanting something different, but unsure of how and when to make that jump. Mike Lewis found himself in that scenario when he realized that once you're an adult working full-time, it gets harder and harder to cut loose and follow your dreams. This led him to consult hundreds of people who made big jumps in their careers (and came out alive), ultimately leading to Mike's own jump from Corporate America to a stint as a professional squash player and most recently, Founder/CEO of When to Jump

We typically only see the highlight reels of peoples' careers, not the "10,000 unsexy steps" that it took to get them there. In this episode, Mike and I get into the unsexy steps of his career path, and he leaves us with great advice on how to know (you guessed it) when to jump.

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05: "Make Big Moves with Small Steps in 2018" with Baily Hancock

We're two weeks into 2018, and there's a good chance you've already crammed your New Year's Resolutions list into a drawer, only to be seen again when you go to set resolutions for next year. If this is you - worry not. 2018 is going to be YOUR year, the year that you actually accomplish the big goal you set for yourself in your career. I'm coming in hot this episode with 9 ways you can make your big move with small steps in 2018, so listen up! 

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03: "You Don't Have to Be An Entrepreneur" with Lauren McGoodwin, Career Contessa Founder

Let's be real - hunting for a new job sucks. CEO & Founder of Career Contessa, Lauren McGoodwin gets real on today's episode about how to actually get hired and not have your resume end up in the garbage. Lauren preaches the value of not going solo to start your own company and gives some solid advice on how to move throughout your career strategically, not haphazardly. {Listen on iTunes}

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