28: "Underwear, HR, & Keeping Employees Happy" with Ellen Sweeney, Head of People Operations at MeUndies

Until very recently, HR professionals weren't exactly seen as the cool kids in the office. The only time you interacted with them was when you were in trouble, getting someone else in trouble, or being let go. Fast-forward to today, and you now have people with titles like, "Chief Happiness Officer" at many companies.

On this episode, Ellen Sweeney, Head of People at MeUndies, enlightens us on how she went from hospitality to HR, what the heck a Head of People does, and shares some of her secrets on how you can snag a job in an incredible company (like MeUndies.) 

Ellen Sweeney

About Ellen:

Ellen Sweeney is the Head of People Operations at MeUndies where she oversees all aspects of human resources including recruiting, compensation, benefits, training and development, and employee relations. She has helped grow the company, culture, and people infrastructure to a team of over 130 people across HQ, Fulfillment, and Retail.

Previously, Ellen worked in the hospitality industry until recognizing that her skill set complimented the growing Silicon Beach startup landscape. She took the plunge and hasn’t looked back.

Ellen is a huge advocate of taking big risks (and manifesting big rewards) and taking charge of your own happiness in the workplace. Her #1 goal as a people professional is to ensure a work environment where employees enjoying their days and flourishing as professionals is the new normal.

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