27: "Life Lessons From 4 Layoffs in 5 Years" with Shayna Marks, Social Media Strategist

Most of us will be laid off or fired at some point in our 40+ year career, but for Shayna Marks, it happened four times in five years. Instead of allowing those professional setbacks to crush her spirit, Shayna instead chose to roll with the punches, lean into the lessons, and take her career into her own hands by launching her own social media strategy and consulting business, Citrine Marketing.

On this episode, Shayna shares how she was able to overcome each of those professional dips and create a bright and cheerful business and career for herself. 

Shayna Marks Citrine Marketing

About Shayna:

Shayna Marks is the Founder/Principal of Citrine Marketing, a boutique social media agency serving emerging lifestyle and wellness brands. With a degree in Literary Journalism from UC Irvine, Shayna considers herself first and foremost a brand storyteller. She has almost a decade of experience in digital marketing and built her career in the social media trenches at some of the biggest media companies and startups.

Website: citrinemarketing.com 
Instagram: @citrinemarketing