41: "What The Stars Say You Should Do with Your Career" with Janet Sciales, Astrologer

Astrologer Janet Sciales (better known to radio listeners as the StarGoddess) joins Baily to give an easy-to-understand rundown of astrology, including how you can look to your astrological chart to determine what kind of career path will suit you best. Listen in if you’re astro-curious and ready to learn what the stars have in store for you but have no clue where to begin!

Janet Sciales Stargoddess

About Janet:

Janet Sciales, better known as the StarGoddess, escaped from New York the first day she was street legal and headed south to where the weather suited her clothes. Janet graduated from "Harvard on the Hillsborough", the University of Tampa in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a minor in Psychology.

Discovered in 1982 casting astrological charts on Occult night in a Playboy club in downtown St Petersburg, Janet has been appearing on radio and television ever since, on both a local and national level. She can be heard every weekday morning on the Fun House at Fun Radio 92.7 with her daily horoscope feature, "One thing you need to know to have a Fun day", every Monday morning on, "Tomorrow's News Today", a weekly overview video for all 12 signs, and every Thursday at 11:30 she joins, "Wide Open," AM 1010 with Mason Dixon and the Sarge which she posts as a podcast on Fridays.

Janet's been in the StarGoddess career field for most of her lifetime, and when not on the air, she's an ever-so-serious professional Astrologer, counseling clients both in-person, on the phone, or via Skype. She's also available for private parties and speaking engagements.

Website: JanetSciales.com
Facebook: The StarGoddess
YouTube: TheStarGoddess

Books/Websites referenced in the episode:
- Astro.com
- CafeAstrology.com
- Linda Goodman's Sun Signs
- "Secrets From A Stargazer's Notebook"