22: "Creating a Career & Lifestyle with Purpose" with Kate Gremillion, Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co.

If you were to ask most people whether having a career filled with purpose and meaning was important to them, the majority would say, "absolutely." In reality, finding purpose in your career can feel like a pipe dream that sounds great, but is way harder to achieve than we'd all like it to be. 

Kate Gremillion, Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co. has spent her career helping people get the resources and mindset they need to pursue work that works for them. In this episode, Kate talks about how she's searched for and finally found purpose throughout her own career, and how ultimately the job that's provided her with the most meaning has been the one that's allowed her to help others find it in their careers. 

Kate Gremillion Mavenly + Co

About Kate:

Kate Gremillion is Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co., a professional development company providing tools and resources for young women to have honest conversations about creating career and lifestyle with purpose. She’s also the President of Mavenly Consulting working with business to attract and retain millennial and women talent in the workplace.

Kate has worked with young women across the country through group workshops, corporate training, and private coaching to equip them with the resources and mindset they need to pursue work that works for them. She’s the host the weekly Women, Work, and Worth podcast on iTunes, and her insight and advice have been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, and HerAgenda. She also teaches digital storytelling at Loyola University New Orleans.

Websites: kategremillion.com & mavenly.co  
Instagrams: @kategremillion & @mavenlyco