21: "The Secret to Staying in Love with Your Career" with Emily McDonald, Founder of The Stylist LA

Nobody loves their job every second of every day, even if it's their dream job. Finding ways to stay excited year after year in your career is the key to long-term happiness. Emily McDonald, Founder and CEO of The Stylist LA has spent the last nine years finding new elements of running her business to get excited about, going from launching The Stylist LA out of her living room in 2009 to dedicating herself to working on her business and not in her business in 2018.

In this episode, Emily shares with us where the idea for The Stylist LA came from, how the company's grown alongside her, and how she keeps from ever getting bored with the business year after year. 

Emily McDonald

About Emily:

Emily McDonald, Founder & CEO of The Stylist LA always knew she wanted to have her own company, and she attended USC for college mainly because of their entrepreneurship program. In 2009 when a downturn in the economy meant that the company Emily worked for was going out of business, she turned that setback into the motivation to start The Stylist LA. Emily started The Stylist LA nine years ago out of her living room and now the company has two showrooms; one in SF and one in LA, and also ships nationwide.

Website: StylistLA.com
Instagram: @TheStylistLA