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"The Baily Hancock Show" is a podcast that helps people figure out how to make big career moves with small steps. Each week Career Happiness Strategist and Creator of "The 1-year Career", Baily Hancock chats with people who have done just that, as well as career coaches, recruiters, and even astrologers and improv experts because hey, good advice is good advice! Navigating your career doesn’t have to suck - Baily’s here to help you learn to love the process.

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Episode 17 - 4/9/18

Ever thought about selling your belongings, moving cross-country, and breaking into Hollywood as a television show writer? That was Henning's plan. Fast-forward five years and no less than 15 "survival jobs", and he's thisclose to making it happen. 

Listen in as I chat with my friend, fake brother, and fellow recovering Type-A, Henning Fog about how he learned to set aside his preconceived notions of how one succeeds in their career and ultimately got the call that would begin chapter two of his professional story... while making a latte. {Listen here}

Episode 16 - 4/2/18

Most people won't stay in the same type of role for their entire career, but knowing what to switch to and figuring out how to do it can quickly leave us with paralysis by analysis. Erin Williams was able to switch from entertainment to the wine industry by learning as much as she could, gaining valuable experience taking whatever roles necessary, and ultimately landed an amazing job slightly out of her league by showcasing her charisma, drive, and ability to meet people on their level.  {Listen here}

Episode 15 - 3/26/18

Ever felt awkward at a networking event or in a job interview? Turns out, the solution may have been to just unclench your butt! In this episode, improv expert and Founder of The Engaging Educator, Jen Oleniczak Brown gave us this nugget of wisdom as well as many others like saying, "yes and..." to get out of a sticky situation at work. Warning: If laughter annoys you, you may want to skip this episode. {Listen here}

Episode 14 - 3/19/18

In this solo episode, I go over some of the big excuses we come up with for why we're not ready to make a move in our career and offer up some solutions for dealing with those excuses. Whether it's not feeling like you have the right skills, deciding that the time it'd take to get to your dream job is too much, or thinking that you have to know every single step between where you are today and where you want to be, I've got you. {Listen here}

Episode 13 - 3/12/18

How did a woman with a Master's Degree in Engineering go from working on Wall Street to launching her own Ayurvedic Beauty line? You'll hear exactly how on today's episode with Michelle Ranavat, CEO & Founder of Ranavat Botanics, a luxury skincare line inspired by ancient Indian traditions. Michelle shares how the impending financial collapse of 2008 caused her to unexpectedly switch career paths, and how that "disaster" led to her having some of the happiest years of her career. {Listen here}

Episode 12 - 3/5/18

Ever meet one of those people who continue to impress and astound you at every turn in their career? Harrison Kratz is that person for me. Harrison and I chat about the importance of showing up when given a chance, letting your curiosity guide you to new career paths, and keeping your friends alongside you throughout your career. {Listen here}

Episode 11 - 2/26/18

Ever dream of breaking into the entertainment industry, but don't have a clue where to start? Cassandra Thompson has some news for you: it can be done, but it won't be easy. Cassandra gave us great insight into the importance of never turning down a new connection, enlisting those in your network to help you get an intro, and writing and responding to emails in a way that'll leave a lasting impression (and maybe even get you a response.) {Listen here}

episode 10 - 2/1918

After spending the first phase of her career doing all of the "right things", but still not finding the professional fulfillment and happiness she craved, Jamilah Lang finally listened to the creative voice in the back of her mind and made a career 180 from Communications Strategy to Fashion. In this episode, we'll learn how Jamilah took calculated risks, leaned on her network for the support and connections she needed, has allowed every bump in the road to enable her to make better decisions going forward, and founded Chic Work Chick. {Listen here}

Episode 9 - 2/12/18

Having trouble coming up with your next big move? Today's episode is for you. We'll talk about how to reverse engineer your dream career, look for overlaps in your past, present, and future career likes and dislikes, and put it all together to hone in on what your big move should be for the next year. {Listen here}

episode 8 - 2/5/18

As children, most people don't really know what they want to be when they grow up, but that wasn't the case for Hilary Hartling, Brand Strategist and former Film Marketing Executive at Disney. Hilary straight up manifested her dream job, then did it again 15 years later when she felt ready to switch gears and work for herself. Listen in as Hilary tells us how a little girl from Hawaii dreamed big and make it happen. {Listen here}

Episode 7 - 1/29/18

From the outside looking in, the life of an Instagram influencer seems fun AF. What we don't see are the many years of hard work and hustling that go into it. In this episode, Everyday Pursuits Founder Ashley Torres gets real with us about how she transitioned from a career in Accounting to running social media in the fashion industry, and what it takes to make it as an influencer with over 180K Instagram followers. Ashley and I both share how creating our "Boss Babes" Goal Group has kicked our goal-setting into high gear, and throw out some tips on how to create your own. {Listen here}

Episode 6 - 1/22/18

We typically only see the highlight reels of peoples' careers, not the "10,000 unsexy steps" that it took to get them there. In this episode, Mike Lewis, Author of "When to Jump" and I get into the unsexy steps of his career path, and he leaves us with great advice on how to know (you guessed it) when to jump. {Listen here}

episode 5 - 1/15/18

We're two weeks into 2018, and there's a good chance you've already crammed your New Year's Resolutions list into a drawer, only to be seen again when you go to set resolutions for next year. If this is you - worry not. 2018 is going to be YOUR year, the year that you actually accomplish the big goal you set for yourself in your career. I'm coming in hot this episode with 9 ways you can make your big move with small steps in 2018, so listen up! {Listen here}

episode 4 - 1/8/18

Ever dreamed of landing an elusive job at one of the world's most admired companies? Yeah, me too. In this episode, I got to find out exactly how Laura Youngkin, Creative Consultant, Founder of The Brave Millennial, and former Disney Imagineer did just that. Laura shared with us how her persistence has paid off time and time again in her career and explains how you too can get the job of your dreams. {Listen here}

episode 3 - 1/1/18

CEO & Founder of Career Contessa, Lauren McGoodwin gets real about how to actually get hired and not have your resume end up in the garbage. Lauren preaches the value of not going solo to start your own company and gives some solid advice on how to move throughout your career strategically, not haphazardly. {Listen here}

episode 2 - 1/1/18

Confidence Expert and author of My Hype Book, Toni Purry tells us about her major confidence loss that came after she realized she was ready to close the door on her PR career of 20 years and the how that lack of confidence ultimately lead to her next career path of being an author. {Listen here}

episode 1 - 1/1/18

It's official - "The Baily Hancock Show" is in the wild! Today's episode is a quick introduction from your host (that's me, hey, I'm Baily) and a rundown of what you can expect from future podcast episodes. {Listen here}

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