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The Baily Hancock Show Podcast

Season 1: Make Big Moves in Your Career

Baily Hancock, creator of "The 1-Year Career" and “The Career Experiment” is here to help people figure out how to make big career moves with small steps. Each episode Baily chats with people who have done just that, as well as career coaches, recruiters, and even astrologers and improv experts because hey, good advice is good advice! Navigating your career doesn’t have to suck - Baily’s here to help you learn to love the process.

Season 2: Collaboration in Action

Collaboration over competition is more than just a trendy hashtag, it’s a way of life. Each episode, Collaboration Consultant and professional friend-maker, Baily Hancock chats with people who are doing the damn thing - leveraging collaboration to amplify one another’s voices, grow their business with partnerships, and succeed together. Collaboration doesn’t have to be a mysterious thing only used by Instagram influencers, this podcast will show you what collaboration looks like IRL.